Ways of engaging your workforce!

As HR professional  we spend numerous hours trying to understand what are the parameters that engage our people and what makes more productive. There are many ways of engaging our workforce but we have to structure our plan as per the needs of our people’s needs and organizational goals. Listed below are few ways of engaging our workforce.
Engagement is a 2 way process
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    1. Constantly communicating: We need to constantly communicate with our teams and people. Communication always needs to be a 2 way process. Whether it be conducting town-halls or having team communication sessions, it needs to be come frequently.


  • Feedback process is a 2 way process: We as managers need to provide positive and negative feedback to our people as well as give our teams an opportunity to share their concerns and feedback about us as managers. Feedback must be given a constructive manner so to act as a booster.and not the other way around.
  • Training and Development: Train the skills of our people and opportunities of growth and advancement by creating career plans and training successors of critical positions.
  • Leaders should act as role models and should practice what they preach in the actions and doings.
  • Build on strengths of your people: It is important that your build on your people’s strengths and give opportunity to people to stretch themselves and explore themselves in the process. Support internal job movements and job rotations as you are building an organization which is future ready.
  • Reward top performers: As managers we must never leave an opportunity to recognize a good performer. We need to create structured reward and recognition programs for our people. We need to distinguish our top performers and average performers and reward accordingly.
  • Encourage innovation: Encourage your employees to generate ideas, process improvements and new ways of doing activities.
  • Know your  people: It is important you know your people, understand their needs, aspirations and ambitions.


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