Tips on winning a negotiation discussion!

We are constantly negotiating, whether it be with vendors, buyers of goods we sell, future employers, between our colleagues, friends and family members … etc.. It is important we know the knack of negotiating well in order to get the best deal out of a negotiation discussion. Listed below are some easy to use tips of winning a negotiation discussion.
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  1. Do your background research before the negotiation discussion. Gather all the facts and information so that you can lay it down in front of the negotiator. 
  2. Plan the negotiation discussion. Note down which are the factors which will work in your favor and which are the factors which may not be in your favor.
  3. Don’t be shy to negotiate as there is nothing lost in this discussion.
  4. Be realistic on your expectations before making your proposal.
  5. The first 3 minutes of the negotiation discussion is the mots critical and can determine the winning party.
  6. Lay down your research and your bargaining pointers first in the discussion. Present your proposal passionately to the opposite party.
  7. Always keep a buffer in your bargaining quote of what you actually expect and what is the current proposed quotation. You need to aim high enough and stay focused on negotiation discussion goals.
  8. A good negotiator always listens and gives equal opportunity for the opposite party to speak.
  9. Give enough time to the discussion as its crucial to both parties.
  10. Try and get a buy-in from the opposite party so be well prepared with your discussion pointers.
  11. Don’t accept anything less than what you are have determined this negotiation outcome will be.
  12. Maintain calm and be relaxed throughout the discussion.
  13. Give time to the opposite party to think over their proposal and come back to you and provide them a deadline to get back to you.
  14. If the negotiator doesn’t change his proposal then it may not be worth you comprising so don’t be afraid to walk away.
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