Tips on managing your meetings effectively

Business meetings eats up most of our time in a work day. Meetings are important but how do we need to manage them more effectively. Listed below are some tips to help us manage our business meetings more effectively.

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  1. While setting up a meeting we need to decide- The purpose of the meeting, Agenda for the meeting, Participants of the meeting, Duration of the meeting, Location of a meeting, Virtual meeting or a physically present meeting etc… 
  2. We need to decide if the meeting is required and cannot be manged by just a phone call.
  3. Block the time slot of the participants in advance to have maximum participation.
  4. Share the agenda and pre read in the same email or calendar invite.
  5. Send a calendar invite with all the details as the time slot automatically gets blocked on the participants calendar.
  6. Mention which participants are compulsory to attend and which are optional to attend so that the participants can plan accordingly.
  7. A focused discussion must be held during the meeting with a set agenda.
  8. Non related discussions coming from the meeting must be postponed to a later time with the relevant stakeholders.
  9. If you chair the meeting, avoid few participants dominating the decision and give equal opportunity to other participants.
  10. Get all participants involved in a meeting, encourage a 2 way communication dialogue.
  11. Be positive and lay down all the facts so that a decision can be taken during the meeting.
  12. Prepare your presentation and pre-read well in advance so that the participants are prepared with the background of discussion.
  13. Choose the location of the meeting room which has minimal disturbance.
  14. Accept and keep on hold some valuable suggestions which come during the meeting discussions.
  15. If the meeting is with some individuals on conference line ensure that the time slot is convenient to all participants. 
  16. Arrange for all the logistics 2 days prior to the meeting.
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