Manage your stress levels- Some useful tips for working women

Stress is taking a toll on most of us and especially us working women as we have to manage both our professional career as well as our personal lives. In the strive to be perfectionists in all we do we ultimately stress us ourselves. Listed below are few easy tips to reduce our stress levels.
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Listed below are some easy tips to manage stress:
  1. Learn to say ‘No’ and being firm with this stand.
  2. Speak your mind out and don’t bottle in frustration.
  3. Set long term and short term goals for yourself and don’t give up on them.
  4. Prioritize your activities on a daily basis.
  5. Don’t be hard on yourself you can’t manage everything on your own so take help if required.
  6. Delegate and equally distribute household tasks to you spouse and other family members.
  7. Take time out for yourself-  To Take a walk in a park, garden or along the bench or play your favorite sport or watch a movie or pamper yourself at visit a Spa
  8. Maintain a healthy diet, Exercise regularly and take time out for reflection.
  9. Change the stressful situation you are currently in.
  10. Plan your weekend well and take time out for relaxation.
Kindly share your tips on managing stress as working women and comments in the comment box below so that other readers can benefit.
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