Common mistakes freshers make in the start of their career

If you are just starting out of Grad school, you need to watch out for a few common mistakes freshers make in the start of their career are listed below.

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  1. Forget to personalize: In this age of technology we often forget the personal human touch in many aspects of life. If a job can be done by just picking the phone then so be it instead of sending endless emails to just get a one minute clarification on something.
  2. Get it the hard way: Most of us have got it easy unlike our parents or grandparents who actually struggled to get things done. We need to sometimes do things the hard way and put in extra effort.
  3. During our job search we need to tape our networks for our grad school alumni as often they can be helpful with our job search and guide us with different options available.
  4. Creating a customized resume: In habit of just copy pasting from Google or any other search engine we create a shabby resume. We should include a personalized cover letter and resume which states more about our skills etc.
  5. You need to build at least 2 professional sponsors, persons who can recommend you within your organization or externally.
  6. This is time and opportunity you can learn, the initial career years is the best time for exploring yourself, learning and growing professionally. You need to be a person ‘ Been there done it’.
  7. Set yourself career goals at the initial stages of your career. Its important to plan early in life.
  8. Don’t go for a job just because its flashy but because it meets your career goals.
  9. Go in for leaders or managers who are tough as you will be pushed and stretched and this will create a great career foundation for you.
  10. Constantly upgrade your skills through training and reading.
  11. Learn to invest and save early in life. Create your financial goals and track it year on year.

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