Brainstorming- 22 simple tips to have a successful dicussion!

Brainstorming or Idea generation is the basic ingredient of any successful company. Sometimes we are just happy with the status quo in life. Its time we need to think beyond our boundaries. Listed below are some tips for conducting a successful brainstorm session in your company or group.
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  1. Explain to the team the requirement of this brainstorming session and what needs to be achieved from this session.
  2. Lay the ground rules, timelines and plan this session in a structured way.
  3. Appoint a facilitator for the discussion.
  4. Facilitator should encourage free flowing discussion from all the participants.
  5. All the participant ideas must be welcomed however good or bad.
  6. Facilitator should make notes of all the brainstorming ideas coming up during the discussion.
  7. Get an outsider as a participant as he/ she may have a different perspective.
  8. Let the brainstorming session be free flowing.
  9. Have a mix of participants involved in a brainstorming session to get different perspectives. Have individuals who are experienced in the field as then there can be a good discussion
  10. Take the group to a conference room where there will no major distractions.
  11. Let the participants of the brainstorming session make notes of their ideas so that the brainstorming session can further refine their thought process.
  12. Get all the participants involved in the brainstorming session.
  13.  Let the participants do some pre session research on the discussion subject.
  14.  Do a Gap Analysis by benchmarking your company with the industry
  15.  Take risks and enter fields which your company has never experimented before.
  16.  Do not be restricted in your ideas.
  17.  Build on your current company’s strengths, competencies and capabilities.
  18.  Don’t make assumptions or presume anything during a brainstorming session.
  19.  Challenge the current status or current way of doing things.
  20.  Think beyond your boundaries.
  21.  Post the brainstorming session, the ideas can be filtered and grouped as per requirement.
  22.  A second session can be held after filtering the ideas and in depth discussion can be held.


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