Ways to better manage your Inbox!

Do you often find yourself bogged down with hundreds of emails on a Monday morning or even on any morning. Answering hundreds of emails is time consuming and unproductive at times so listed below are some tips to manage your inbox better.

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  1. It will be good idea if you keep 4-5 slots during the day to go through your emails and reply to them so it doesn’t take up the productive time of the day.
  2. Pick up the phone if it is a few minutes discussion with a colleague rather than writing an email.
  3. When you are going through you inbox, look at subject lines which seem urgent and scan through the text, if the email can wait till later mark the email as unread so that you can get back to it later.
  4. Mark only the stakeholders in an email. It is advisable to mark as few as possible stakeholders.
  5. Inform people and team members to mark you in emails which are not transactional and which require your intervention or action or part of information only.
  6. Be as specific as possible while writing an email. It should not call for a chain of emails later on.
  7. Use email courtesy wherever and whenever required.
  8. Do a spell check and grammatical error check.
  9. Avoid sending mass emails unless absolutely required.
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