Vienna: One day Itinerary

This is a one day itenary made keeping in mind those travellers visiting Vienna for a day, or more likely if you are flying with Austrian Airlines and have a day stoppover at Vienna.  Enjoy your visit 🙂 🙂
St. Stephen’s Cathedral, Vienna

It is situated in the heart of old city of Vienna which houses treasures and wealth of art. It is one of the most famous sights in Vienna particularly because of it’s gigantic roof, and it’s tall and lean tower. Guided tours are available on Mon-Sat.
Schonbrunn Palace, Vienna
This palace is slightly out of the city but worth to see Empress Sisi’s former summer residence. This beautiful landscape has a park, Palm House, the Gloriette and the famous Schonbrunn zoo. Depending on your scheduled stay, you can spend half a day or the entire day at Schönbrunn Palace: to visit the palace rooms with a ‘Grand Tour with Audio Guide’, admire the splendid palace rooms, and stroll through the Labyrinth. It’s recommended to take the audio guide as well when visiting the palace as then you will have an overall appreciation for the art work and beauty of the palace rooms.
Vienna State Opera, Vienna
The Vienna State Opera is one of the popular architectural sites at Vienna which is quite close to St Stephen’s Cathedral. This famous stage offers world class productions with a different program every day, with over 50 operas and ballet works on around 300 days per season. This is the perfect place to enjoy the true essence of Vienna- the musical city. Your trip will only be complete if you could attend one of the concerts.
Tip: Incase you plan on attending a concert, you may have to book your tickets a couple of days prior to your trip to Vienna.
Parliament Building, Vienna

It is situated close to the Vienna State Opera. The entrance of the building is just behind the statue of Pallas Athene on Ringstrasse, under the ramp leading up to the main entrance. This is where the two Houses of the Parliament of Austria conduct their sittings. This architectual building has an information counter which provides information to visitors, a cafe, a cloakroom and a small shop. Guided tours are also available.
Viennese Food

Vienna is known for delicious Schnitzel which is a cutlet of veal that is pounded flat thereafter coated with breadcrumbs and egg which is then fried and usually served with salad, mashed potato and peas.
Vienna is also known for its delicious cakes and desserts. These include Apfelstrudel which is apple mixed with sugar which is coated with a thin crust on the top and served hot. Millirahmstrudel which is a milk cream strudel, which is quite alike a milk toffee. The popular chocolate cake- Sachertorte which is created by Sacher Hotel which is a delight.
The popular sausages rolls of beef or pork which are stuffed in a long bread roll with mustard or mayonnaise (either sweet or spicy) which are available at street vendors throughout the day and into the night. Kebab and pizza snack stands are now increasingly gaining popularity.

It is a market which consists of varieties of vegetables, spices, meat, fish, spices et al. from different parts of europe.
Viennese coffeehouses

There are many traditional coffee houses in the old city of Vienna. It is worth a try when visiting the city as you will feel the real essence of Vienna’s history in those coffee beans. Some of the traditional viennese desserts are also served at these coffee houses.

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