Types of Employees- Drivers, Critics, Detached, Residents!

In an organization whether its a big or small, employees are  four different ‘types’: drivers, residents, critics and detached.


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Employees following into this group are usually highly engaged, highly motivated and will perhaps stay in your organization for a long period of time. These employees are critical and generally high performers. Organization or HR should focus on retaining these employees and plan their career plan accordingly.

Critics : 

Employees following in this group are generally individuals who may be self motivated but dissatisfied with many aspects of life and the organization. They will never be happy in any organization and may leave your organization if they come across a better opportunity. They are employees who will find faults in everything management does and generally fence sitters.
Employees following into this group are generally satisfied with the organization but not necessarily motivated. They may not even be proactive in their doings. They may be inidviduals are not self motivated and have spent most of their career life in the organization. They may not necessarily have any career aspirations or may be just satified with all they are currently doing. They can be easily managed by sending them for training to fill in skill gaps.

Employees following into this group are generally dissatisfied and can be a big treat to your organization as they can influence other employees. As there is a common saying ‘ One rotten apple can destroy the entire basket’. As HR you need to be vigilant and identify these individuals. These individuals are usually poor performers. It is important as HR to handle these individuals appropriately to avoid any future distruption.
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