The Art of writing a Blog!

Blog writing is a way of sharing your thoughts, experiences and feelings in words to attract readers. Its an art and can be developed over a period of time. 

Listed below are few tips for blog writing.

  1. Start writing on simple topics or topics that interest you.
  2. Plan before you start writing.
  3. Generate ideas for your writing.
  4. Organize your ideas for your writing.
  5. You can build a rough skeleton and then build on your notes.
  6. Write at a time when you are comfortable and not tired.
  7. Choose a particular time of the day when your mind is free to think and write.
  8. Don’t multitask but focus on your writing.
  9. Carry a note book around so that you can make notes when you think of any particular idea.
  10. Let your thoughts flow. Tell your story.
  11. You should enjoy the writing experience. Be passionate in whatever you do.
  12. Take ideas from different readings.
  13. Write in your own words.
  14. Check for spelling and grammatical errors.
  15. Let some one proof read it before publishing.
  16. Constantly be updated in the field on your writing.
  17. Be accurate in the facts and information of your writing.
Attribution Some rights reserved by Enokson
Attribution Some rights reserved by Enokson

Kindly share your tips for blog writing for beginners in the comment box below. Happy reading and sharing!

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