Succession Planning- Is your organization ready

Succession Planning is a process by which one or more successors are identified for key critical positions within the organization and career plans and development activities are structured for these successor(s).

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 How Succession Planning Helps
  • ØDetermining workforce trends and organizational preparedness.
  • Planning short term and long term plans by aligning to organizational goals
  • ØIdentifying the employee growth needs.
Benefits of Succession planning:
  • Your organization is risk free if a critical person leaves the organization. There can be a quick movement of the successor.
  • Successors are training and their career plan is structured.
  • Better Retention levels
  • Greater employee satisfaction levels
  • Training plan for successors in place
  • Increased preparation for leadership and critical positions
  • Organizational preparedness.
  • Enhanced commitment to work and workplace 

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