Standardize your organization’s candidate rejection process

Here are some quick tips on how to standardize the candidate rejections process.

Below categories can be covered under the candidate rejection process:

  1. For candidate resumes that do not meet basic position requirement criteria. Every job position which is posted in a job portal will have a clearly defined criteria and requirement for the job. Most often candidates who do not fit the basic criteria may also apply for the position in the job portal. A basic one liner mail can be sent to the rejected candidate

  1. Candidates who have completed the first round of interview and who are not shortlisted. This rejection process can probably be done in a more personal form through a telephonic conversation with the rejected candidate or a much more detailed email would be appreciated by the candidate.

  1. Candidates who have completed final round of interviews but are not selected. Probably been the 2nd or 3rd best option for the position. This individual may have not been selected for the position because of lack of skill for the current position at hand but he can also become your potential candidate for another position which comes up 2 months down the line requiring his level of expertise so a smooth rejection process is definitely important in this case. A brief call would be appreciated by the candidate or simply send a personalized email. It is important to maintain a positive candidate experience with complete and accurate feedback. It is important to stay connected and have a positive closure with this candidate as he could be your next potential employee.

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