Some useful final exam tips!

Appearing for exams is part of a student’s life as well as professionals. Exams are conducted to evaluate the potential and how much the student/ professional has grasped during the coursework.There are different types of exams conducted like oral exams, written exams, entrance exams, semester exams etc… we need to prepare for them accordingly. Listed below are few tips which will guide you to prepare well for your exams.
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 A month before your exam:
  1. Understand your goals. You need to set your study goals at least a month  before your exams.
  2. Set deadlines and a study time table. Schedule study time for all the courses you have undertaken for the exam. You may also want to give more study time to courses you are weak at and vice versa.
  3. Have a slot for a sport or your favorite hobby  for at least 30 minutes in a day.
  4. Include break time or stack time in your time table for 10 minutes between study slots.
  5. Form study groups if it helps you study better or you may even do individual study whichever method you are comfortable with.
  6. Make your own notes, highlight important points or even make diagram representation whichever way helps you study better.
  7. Once you have studied the complete course. Practice the previous years papers as this will help you get the flow of the exam and you can plan and manage your time better during the exam.
  8. Have a complete balanced meal before the exam with lots of fruits.
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A day before the exam
  1. Prepare all the essentials required for writing the exams like pens, pencils etc.
  2. Prepare your exam bag a day before.
  3. Have a good night sleep. Try to sleep early the night before the exam giving you at least 7 hours of sleep.
  4. Have a balanced meal before the exam.
  5. Relax and don’t be overly stressed.
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 On the day of the exam and during the exam:
  1. Arrive at the exam place at least 30 minutes prior to the exam.
  2. Say the Prayer before exams
  3. Maintain 2 minutes of silence to relax and try to remember everything you have studied
  4. Read all the instructions before appearing for the exam.
  5. Plan your time for each section.
  6. Attempt the sections which you are confident about.
  7. Leave 15 minutes at the end of the exam as a form of buffer for any changes.
  8. Last 5 minutes of your exam glance through the whole paper to check if you have answered all the questions and marked them correctly.
All the best for your exam. Kindly share your tips in the comment box below which may benefit other readers.
Happy reading and sharing!

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