Six Powerful C’s every Leader should use!

Listed below are six powerful C’s which I felt personally that all leaders should use to create more engaged and productive teams within an organization.
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  1. Connect: You need to connect with your team members, build healthy relationships within your team and encourage team bonding. Help them to collaborate and work together as team and not just individual participants.
  2. Career: You need to be the builder of your team members careers, give opportunities for learning and growth, support them in their career planning, be their career advisor and guide.
  3. Clarity: Be clear what your expectations of individual team members and the entire team, Help them create clear goals for themselves and an action plan to achieve them.
  4. Congratulate: Be a positive critic and a their biggest motivator. Always appreciate good work of your team members and distinguish good and average performance through a transparent process.
  5. Credibility: ‘Practice what you preach’. It is important to exhibit ethical behaviour as a leader and exhibit behaviours which you would expect as leader from your team members.
  6. Communicate: Constantly communicate with your team members. Even if you manage virtual teams or teams sitting in global locations, make it a point to communicate. You can refer to my article on managing virtual teams for more details.
LicenseAttribution Some rights reserved by michaelcardus 
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