Planning a benchmark induction program is definitely the need of the hour

We need to plan a structured induction plan for our company as it’s the need of the hour. This is the first step where we can engage an employee in the initial days of his career. Listed below are some tips to help you get started:

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An induction plan must cover the following depending on your business type you can customize your induction plan accordingly
1.    Company overview
2.    Specific business overview
3.    Department overview
4.    Stakeholder inductions and brief induction sessions
5.    If you are a manufacturing company it would be a good idea to have a 1 day manufacturing site visit.
6.    HR policy overview
7.    Policies and benefits overview
8.    Training stint as per requirements of the job
9.    Have a continuous touch point system with the new joinee.

Some useful tips
1.    Make the induction program exhaustive but not lengthy
2.    Have the new joinee introduced to all the stakeholders.
3.    Share the induction plan with the new joinee.
4.    Share key details with the new joinee.
5.    Send out and organization announcement of the new joinee

Kindly share your tips and ideas of engaging new joinees on day one. Happy reading and sharing!

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