Onboarding is taking an all new direction

The mentoring program is popular program run in mist organizations for new joinees. This program is usually part of inducting the new employee into the culture, system and processes of the company. This program is run for either the entire training stint of the new joinee or for the initial few months. A new joinee is assigned a buddy or mentor with clearly defined roles and responsibilities to both the mentor and the mentee. Mentoring Program or commonly known as the Buddy program is very successful way of inducting employees.

Selection Criteria of a mentor:
1. An individual is has been part of the organization for a minimum of 2 years.
2. A person who has prior experience and is the next level of the new joinee.
3. An individual who has volunteered to be a mentor or buddy.
4. Someone who can both support the new joinee in this learning stage.
5. Someone who demonstrates high performance in his current role and is well accepted in his peer group
6. Someone who is not the new joinee’s line manager but who has worked in a similar role.

On selection of a mentor or buddy as per the criteria. He must be trained or communicated his role and expectations of his role as a mentor.
Mentor Responsibilities:

1. Guide the new joinee will all the basic details like company policies, systems, department workings, office working policies and so on.
2. Introduce the new joinee to key individuals who could support him in his initial days.
3. Help the new joinee settle down.
4. Have lunch with the new joinee for the initial couple of days until he is comfortable.
5. Brief the new joinee and support with initial materials which are easily available.
6. Take him for an office tour.
7. Be his adviser and friend.
8. Understand the new joinee’s apprehensions and help him through it.
9. Guide him in the initial few weeks.
10. Incase the new joinee is facing any problem guide him to the current authorized individuals who can probably help him out.

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