Innovative ways of screening candidates

There is an increasing need of innovation in recruitment. In this fast paced world many recruiters are seeking innovative ways of screening candidates and attracting the right set of people. A few of these innovative ways are mentioned below.There may soon be a time where the traditional resume may be replaced with something something innovative to keep pace GenY.
1. An online recorded resume
Many recruiters these days are asking potential candidates for an online recorded resume which gives a story of the potential candidate. The duration of the video may be of about 15 to 20 minutes which can contain an introduction, work experience, skill details, career objectives and career ambitions.This can save a lot of time of both the recruiter and the potential candidate. Although most companies still prefer the traditional resume.

2. Social networking sites like LinkedIn
To check a potential candidates online presence is by far the quickest and easiest innovate way of screening candidates. Today LinkedIn and many social networking sites provide a lot of information and it may so happen that the recruiter might have a common connection with the potential candidate who can then be approached as a point of reference.

3. Short assignment based approach
Today many companies provide opportunities on short term basis or project basis and track the performance of the individual and if he performs, he may be considered for a full time employment.

Today recruitment as a HR process is evolving so these are some of the innovative ways of screening candidates. We may soon see a few more innovative ways of attracting potential candidates.

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