Having a structured Exit Interview- Why is it important for your organization?

Many a times, we miss out on having a structured exit interview with the person leaving our organization. Even though he is exiting our organization, he can be our brand ambassador as someone who has worked with your organization for x years will form as an individual who can spread goodwill. The exit interview can also form as window to get to know more about your organization which has so far gone unnoticed. Listed below are few tips to structure an exit interview.

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  1. The exit interview panel needs to someone who is a neutral individual or someone in a position of authority.
  2. The interview needs to be done in the last one week of the individual’s exit.
  3. It needs to well planed and structured.
  4. The panel must be non biased individuals.
  5. It needs to cover the following aspects:
  • Reason for exit the organization
  • Since when he/ she is looking for an opportunity
  • Which aspects did the individual enjoy during his stint in the company?
  • Which aspects did the individual feel the company could have focused on and done better?
  • What is different in his new role that was not present is current role?
  • What aspect of his/ her job he/ she enjoyed the most?
  • What aspect of his/ her job he/ she did not enjoy?
  • What are his/ her suggestions for making the organization a great place to wok?


6. The outcome of the discussion should be absolutely confidential and shared to limited individuals or stakeholders
7. There should be analysis done on a frequent basis on the data received through the exit interviews.

Kindly share your tips and comments on conducting structured exit interviews. Happy reading and sharing!

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