Giving feedback: Positive criticism & Appreciation

Giving Feedback is an important aspect in development of your team members. Below are some thumb rules for giving both positive and negative feedback as both are two faces of a coin.


Positive Criticism:
  1. Do your homework before sitting with your team member.
  2. Get your team member involved in the discussion.
  3. Describe a situation and give positive criticism.
  4. Have an open conversation.
  5. Maintain your cool and calm during the discussion.
  6. Be a critic of the action/situation, not of the person.
  7. Prepare a plan to work on the feedback
  8. Get your facts correct before the discussion.
  9. Be specific during your discussion with your team member.
  10. Don’t point fingers or play the blame game.
  11. Accept your mistakes whenever true.
  12. Use it as a positive discussion and a learning exercise.
  13. Attitude should be corrective rather than punitive
  14. Question the action not the intent
  15. Close the session with appreciation


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  1. When you recognize good performance or an act which fits your criteria for recognition. Don’t hesitate to appreciate your team member.
  2. Be specific about your appreciation.
  3. Have a common criteria for all your team members of what behaviour or level of performance is appreciated by you.
  4. Have a transparent appreciation process.
  5. Be sincere in your appreciation and mean it.
  6. Appreciation is important and should be done in public forums for Top performers.
  7. Distinguish between good performers, average performers and poor performers.

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