Employee Engagement is a 2 way process

Employee Engagement is certainly a very important aspect of workforce management. To me, I feel its a 2 way process as an organization will spend numerous engaging its workforce but is the workforce receptive and willing to be engaged?? As a leader you will communicate, reward, mentor, provide feedback and do all the right things but is your team receptive? Is your team member willing to communicate back, provide feedback and concerns and wanting to get involved in the team activity. If not, listed below are few ways of making Employee Engagement a 2 way process:
Engagement is a 2 way process

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  1. As leaders we must identify our actively engaged employees, engaged and actively disengaged employees.
  2. It is important that we plan our employee engagement action plan and customize it as per the needs to team and individual members of our team.
  3. Constantly communicate: Encourage a 2 way process of sharing. Its important to constantly communicate with your team members as a team and on an individual 1-1 basis.
  4. As leaders you should act as role models so if you expect a certain behavior from a team member, you should show that behavior first so basically practice what you preach approach.
  5. Encourage feedback session: Be open, honest and share feedback with correct information and details to back your reasons.
  6. Help set your teams goals and support them through the process. As a team member you should stretch and utilize your complete potential.
  7. Know your  people: It is important you know your people, understand their needs, aspirations and ambitions. Have informal conversation with your team members and encourage team bonding.
  8. If you have a disengaged team member understand his concerns and try counseling him/ her. Many a times there might not be a major reason behind his dissatisfaction.
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