Do you know the 3 types of employees in your organization?

Gallup has classified employees into 3 categories of engagement: Engaged employee, Not Engaged Employee and Disengaged employee. We need to plan our employee engagement programs in our organization to engage all 3 categories of employees. Listed below is the explanation for all the 3 categories
Actively Engaged Employee
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Engaged employees love new challenges, have higher levels of commitment to the organization, higher productivity levels, more likely to have longer tenures with your organization, they are passionate in whatever they do, they love their work, they are supportive to other colleagues and can go beyond call of duty, they are usually the top performers of the team, they are positive in the approach.
Engaged Employee


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These employees are good performers, may be productive in the work they do, they are not as committed as an engaged employee, they will jump ship as soon as they get another opportunity, they will take many leaves and stay absent from work, they are not passionate of the work they do but do it as a compliance or because its their job and they get paid for it, they are most likely individuals who may not enjoy their work and dissatisfied with the current organisation because of some petty reasons.
Actively Disengaged Employee
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These employees exist in the organization because they have no other job options, they find unhappiness in all they do, they are always found cribbing, their performance is average or below average, they spread disengagement across the organization through their grapevine. These individuals can be very dangerous and can pull and demotivate engaged employees within your organisation. They are unhappy with their work situation and insist on sharing that unhappiness with their colleagues. These employees have most of their performance-related workplace needs unmet. They are the people who can quickly affect the overall engagement levels. They can cause the disengagement level to go up through their grapevine and network
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