Conflict Management- Some easy to use tips

Conflicts occur when two or more individuals share very different opinions, perceptions, attitude, interests, thought process etc. Conflicts are sometimes good as gives you different perspective on things. Now its important that we are aware how we should handle a conflict as we meet different types of people in a professional as well as personal set up and conflicts do arise. Conflicts can arise out of misunderstanding and sometimes it can even ruin relationships so it important you handle it well. Listed below are some easy to use tips tp help you manage conflicts better.
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  1. Aviod blamming anyone during a conflict and communicate clear facts.
  2. It is best to speak to the person face to face or speak over the phone. In a professional set up its best to speak to the individual, an email would be in the second stage of a conflict so to make it on record. Be careful about the wordings of the email as it may be used as proof at a later date. Put only facts and correct information.
  3. Use conforting words and phrases during a conflict like’ Yes I understand’.
  4. Listen attentively during the conflict dialogue.
  5. Don’t take sides during a conflict.
  6. Beware of your tone of voice during a conflict.
  7. Beware of the language which you use.
  8. Beware of your body language.
  9. Don’t point figures at the other person in the dialogue.
  10. Don’t criticize anyone or bring in past situations or references.
  11. You should ty resolving the conflict rather than expanding or making a bigger conflict.
  12. Conflicts are private dialogues so keep it that way preferably have the dialogue in a closed room or with limited people involved.
  13. If something has upset you, it is better to wait for few days till you cool down and have a dialogue with the individual as at this time you are in a better position to think clearly.
  14. Take time out with the individual and be prepared with all your facts and information details.
  15. Speak using correct facts and information.
  16. Once a conflict is resolved never bring it up again.
  17. Never hold the conflict against that person but forgive and forget.
  18. Conflicts can be good and there is always something good which can come out of a conflict situation. We need to see the good out of a bad situation.
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