Checklist for new joinee- Role of HR

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Pre- Joining:
  1. Acceptance of offer letter
  2. Reference check document
  3. Pre-employment medical check reports
  4. Address proof document
  5. Prepare appointment letter
  6. Prepare the workstation for the new joinee.
  7. Allocate a computer/ laptop.
  8. Install outlook/ email inbox
  9. Arrange a mobile phone (if applicable)
  10. Arrange a basic stationery kit.
  11. Company ID card
  12. Business cards for the new joinee
  13. Prepare an induction plan
  14. Block slots of stakeholders
  15. Prepare the new joinee announcement.
  16. Inform all related departments one day before new joinee joins like Administration, IT etc……
On day of joining
  1. Manager introductions
  2. Department/ Colleague introductions
  3. Induction program
  4. Tour of the facility
  5. Brief on all policies
  6. Give the new joinee workstation and drawer keys, ID card and other documentation complete
First 3 months
  1. Facilitate goal setting session between manager and new joinee.
  2. Hand holding the new joinee into the new system and processes.
  3. Nominating new joinee for training programs
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