Cheapest way to have a great time in Paris!

I know what you are thinking…You want to go to Paris, you want to see everything and you want to do it at a minimal cost. Well, those were exactly my thoughts when I was planning our trip to Paris and it was a success…
Buy individual tickets from the counter or booths.
(Total Cost from Orly to Austerlitz): 2- 3 euros per person
  1. Tramway T 7- Orly to Pont de Rungis . Get down at the station La Fraternelle
  2. M7- Rungis la Fraternelle to Gare Austerlitz.
HOTEL: I am sure you are not the high class rich person who wants a five star hotel otherwise you wouldn’t be here. Just because all the five star hotels are in the centre of Paris with prices skyrocketing that doesn’t mean we will have to choose a hotel 100 miles away.
After extensive research on Hotels I found this…HOTEL TIQUETONNE.
The things I kept in mind while choosing this Hotel was:
1. Location: Centre of Paris, walking distance from all the sightseeing places.
2. Cost: 70 Euros per night (Cheapest you can get staying near Louvre)
3. Cleanliness: Clean sheets, fresh towels changed everyday.
4. Services: Excellent
5. 3-4 star Hotel
You won’t find them on any travel, hotel booking website. Directly visit their official website
TRANSPORT: Confused with how to go about and at the same time worried about the transport expenses, yes I understand. I have compared all the passes and all the transport means and the cheapest is the Paris Visite Pass. Paris Visite Pass is confined only to the transportation in Paris where you can travel by Metro, Tram or Buses unlimited number of times. Passes are available at the Airports.
SIGHTSEEING: Go ahead and take the Paris Museum Pass. It saves time, money and the headache of standing in a long queue. I made a comparison of the Museums I wanted to visit and their individual ticket cost on one hand and on the other hand the list of Museums covered under the Paris Museum Pass and the cost of the Pass. It falls way cheaper to buy a Museum Pass then to go for buying individual museum tickets at their respective counters.
Do not take the Paris Pass since its really not worth it. It falls much cheaper to take a separate Paris Visite Pass and a separate Paris Museum Pass.
* The metro trains is keeping into account the accommodation which is Hotel Tiquetonne, Etienne Marcel, Paris.
* M – Metro
* If interested in enjoying the beauty of Paris, just hop into any of the buses with your Paris Visite Pass which allows you unlimited travel.
9AM: M4 Etienne Marcel- Gare de Est
            M7 Gare de Est- Porte de la Villette
9.30 AM: City of Science and Industry– 5 hours
Walk down to Musee de la Musique
3.00PM: Musee de la Musique– 2 hours
5.00PM: M5 Porte de Pantin- Republique
                 M8 Republique – Ecole Militaire
5.45PM: Eiffel Tower ( You are just in time to see the Eiffel Tower in daylight and also when its lit up beautifully at dusk)
6.00PM: Seine River Cruise
DAY 2 (Should be a Wednesday- since Louvre is open till 9PM)
8.30 AM: Etienne Marcel- Reaumur Sebastopol
                   M3 Reaumur Sebastopol – Opera
9.00AM: Museum of Perfume– 1 hour
Walk down to Opera Garnier
10.00AM: Opera Garnier– 1 hour
10 minutes walk to Grevins Museum or M8 Opera – Grands Boulevard
11.30AM: Grevins Museum– 2hours
1.30PM: Museum of Chocolate– 2 hours
Bus 39 Poissonniere-Bonne Nouvelle- Louvre (18 mins)
3.30PM: Louvre (Just in time to click snaps at Louvre, go ahead and visit the museum. Once you are done seeing the Museum, step out and see the Louvre lit up at night)
Walk down to Pompidou
DAY 3 (Should be a Thursday- since Musee Orsay is open till 9PM)
9.00AM: M1 Chatelet- Franklin Roosevelt
9.30AM: Palace of Discovery– 2 hours
                 M13 Champs Elysees- Varenne
12.00PM: Museum of Liberation – 2 hours
                     Army Museum
M13 Varenne- Invalides
C- Musee Orsay
3.30PM: Orsay Museum – 3 hours
RER -C Orsay – St Michael Notre Dame
RER-B St Michael- Chatelet
7.00PM: Museum of Arts and Meters – 2.30 hours
8.00AM: M4 Etienne Marcel- Notre Dame St Michael
Notre Dame Cathedral
9.00AM: RER-C St Michael Notre Dame – Austerlitz
Jardin des Plantes
Museum of Natural History 
Geology Museum
4.00PM: Bus to Pantheon
Museum Pass: 56 Euros approx
Paris Visite Pass: 28.30 Euros approx
Grevin’s Museum: 23.50 Euros
River Cruise: 13 Euros
Hotel: 280 Euros
Food: As per your budget.
* Price mentioned above as on September 2015.

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