As a leader you need to engage with your team

Engagement is one of the key ingredients of a successful team. Today it is important as a leader to engage with your team members on a regular basis through simple innovative ways of engaging. A few common yet simple ways are listed below:
1. Planning a fun activity with your team
Probably if the group has a common hobby or interest, this interest can be explored for a fun activity. It can be a game of sports, an offsite training program, a fishing trip with the group etc… It will give the team an opportunity to interact in a not so formal set up and encourage cross team engagement.
2.  Appreciation for a job well done
Every employee likes to be appreciated on completion of a project in the set deadline or applying some innovation in his task or process improvement or getting a huge order for the business. He can be appreciated by a dinner voucher for himself and his family, movie tickets, football match tickets etc. The reward to be given to the outstanding employee will really depend on the company’s budget.
3. Providing a favourable work environment
Employees look for basics in the work set up. The primary requirement being a comfortable workstation and anything over and above this is a luxury. Many offices these days have a employee fun room- a pool table,  table tennis, chess board, gym facility and outdoor sport activities as a stress buster for employees. Even providing an opportunity to employees to share their opinions and encouraging overall development of team through training and development plans.
4. Celebrate an accomplishment
It is an important aspect to celebrate your teams accomplishments by words of praise or taking your team out for lunch.
5. Providing feedback to your team
If a task has failed it is important to give your team constructive feedback so that they can be guided in the right direction in future assignments which are given to them. Failure at times needs to be created a learning.

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