A visit to Paris- City of Lights

Paris is said to be called the ‘City of Lights’ but its truly a ‘City of Love’. If you are visiting this beautiful city for a few days. This city is known for its culture, fashion, arts, architecture, food and its people. You will definitely treasure every minute of your stay and fall in love with this city. You may even promise yourself that you will visit this city once more in your lifetime. Below are few recommendations of tourist attractions you shouldn’t miss during your stay:

1. Sacré Coeur
This beautiful 18th century church at first glance is a white serene structure. It is constructed on one of Paris highest points so once you reach the church, you should not miss out on taking a few minutes to admire the view of Paris. Its is worth the effort to climb the numerous steps to reach the church as it is a magnificent structure inside as well. 
Sacré Coeur

2. Notre Dame Cathedral
This is probably one of the most visited tourist attractions in the world. It is on the banks of the river Seine. It is a beautiful Gothic architecture cathedral. After competing your visit to the cathedral, you will find a few street eateries just opposite the cathedral where you can try out their steak rolls. The cathedral has a beautiful garden where you can sit on a bench and read a book. If you are traveling with your loved one then you may put a lock on ‘ the love lock bridge’ in Paris.

Gothic architecture cathedral

3. The Louvre
It is one of the world’s finest museums and probably one of the largest museums in the world. Even if you visit this museum 3 days at a stretch you will not be able to complete the entire museum. It has one of the largest collections of artifacts and paintings in the world and is home to many of the world’s famous painters prized paintings. 

4. Eiffel Tower
If your in Paris, you will see the Eiffel tower at many points when you move across the city but visiting this tourist attraction is by far a different experience all together. You can even take a special ticket to the top of Eiffel tower for a beautiful view of Paris. You can also wait until it gets dark to witness the beautiful lighting which lights up the tower. It can be seen in all splendid from different parts of the city. A must visit in a life time.  Nothing can describe the city of lights better than the Eiffel Tower at night.

5.  Walk down River Seine or a boat ride
If you are in Paris for a few days and have the leisure of time. You may walk down the Rover Seine or even take a boat ride. You will get to see beautiful architectural building along the banks of the river and enjoy a romantic ride in the city of love.

6. Cafe
Last but not the least, you have to try out the cafe’s which are round every corner in Paris where you can enjoy a cup of coffee, a local delicacy and read your favorite book. Your trip will not be complete without visiting one of these cozy hangouts.

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