2 day trip to Malaysia for the budget traveller

Malaysia is in many terms truly Asia! It is a good mix of modern and traditional in terms of culture and infrastructure. A short 2 day trip or a stopover, Malaysia is truly an ideal holiday destination for the budget traveller.  It really depends if you love shopping or you just love exploring new places. It has a good blend of both and you will not be disappointed. You may even end up with some great shopping deals.
First day:
1. When you arrive at KL airport and don’t have your pick up ride arranged for you may end towards the exit, there will be some locals selling bus tickets. Its best to buy a to-fro ticket since it falls cheaper and at the same time you dont have to worry about buying a ticket while returning back to the airport.
2. The bus takes around an hour from the KL airport to KL Central. It is an underground bus-stop. There are cars waiting that will charge around 20MYR. DO NOT TAKE THOSE CARS…Go to the Taxi counter and you will get a taxi for around 10MYR!!! As a foreign traveller you may have to be a bit careful.
3. It takes around 15-20 minutes from KL Central to Hotel Swiss Inn. This hotel is situated in central KL which is very convenient for shopping and local travel. If you are reach in the morning then remember you will get your room only at 2pm. The hotel has a luggage room and its safe to keep it there.
4. You may then head to take a taxi to Bird Park. After Bird Park you have the Orchid park and Butterfly park which are all located a 5 to 10 minute walking distance from each other. This will take an entire day.5. Its best to return back to the hotel since all the visiting places close by 5pm. After that its best to go shopping at China Town which is on the same street where the Hotel Swiss Inn is situated. You can spend the rest of the evening shopping and enjoying some local delicacies.Second day:

1. You can enjoy a complimentary sumptuous breakfast buffet at Hotel Swiss Inn first thing in the morning and then head to take a cab to the railway station. Take a train/tram to the Aquarium. From the station, you will need to walk a bit and once you see the Pertronas towers, you  will need to walk another 10 minutes towards the Aquarium.

2. After a visit to the Aquarium you can head back by the tram to Central Market where you can finish your shopping and head to either the airport or the railway station.


1. KL is divided into two parts. If you are visiting for 2 days then its best to do one part on the first day and second on the second day, or else you might spend time just in travelling.
2. Carry an umbrella since it rains at anytime and you could get stuck. When it rains the taxi’s refuse to go to anyplace.
3. There is a possibility that the taxi driver will take you for a ride and may overcharge you.
4. Most tourist places open at around 9 a.m. and close at 5 p.m.
Happy Holidays! Do write to us with your suggestions on your trip to Malaysia so other tourists can benefit.

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